Just a speedy Sunday afternoon post for anyone who might be interested in listening to lots of experts talk about things that can help people with chronic fatigue, CFS, ME, Fibromyalgia or any other conditions with similar symptoms.

I first signed up to the Optimum Health Clinic in February 2017. I went on their 90 day programme which involved 3 days in London at their clinic followed by a number of inclusive Nutrition and Psychology follow up calls. The understanding and commitment of their practitioners has given me so much more confidence managing my symptoms. Some symptoms have improved with their help, some remain the same. But I understand so much more about what is happening to my body and get that what I do day to day impacts on my symptoms. I have changed my diet and my thought process massively as a result of their involvement.

Their approach is one of integration. They take the best bits of all CFS/ME treatments and tweak them until they feel that they work for their patients. They have followed the progression of CFS/ME with thousands of patients and have developed a great understanding of types of fatigue and the different stages of CFS/ME. They recognise that a treatment may work at one stage of the illness but not at another.

I am pretty excited to hear what all these experts have to say. I might not relate to or even agree with all of it  but getting a fresh perspective can only be positive.

If you want to register just follow the link below