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In 2014 and then again in 2016 we went to California on two amazing family holidays. I was obviously concerned about how my energy levels would do on these holidays but I quickly noticed how much better my energy was after a really substantial American breakfast. Even when we were being really active, I could often go through until early afternoon or even later with just a light snack – as long as I’d had a good balanced breakfast.

Whilst staying with our family in LA on our first trip we discovered a wholefood supermarket which sold the most amazing range of granola. Again a good bowl of this would keep me going for the morning, plus the flavours were gorgeous (unfortunately this involved lots of trips to  restock our cousins cupboards!). On our second trip we stayed at Treebones Resort on HWY 1 – a collection of Yurts overlooking the sea which literally felt like heaven! Walking into their restaurant the smell of freshly baked Granola enveloped the whole room and again a bowl of this kept me going whilst we explored the stunning West Coast.

After I’d had a few consultations with a Nutritionist I realised that what had happened in California wasn’t a fluke and that tweaking my own breakfast would really help my energy levels. So I began to look for ways to replicate the slow energy release of those Californian breakfasts. Many of the recipes for Smoothie Bowls and Baked Oats that evolved at this time are now on the Recipe pages of my website. It was also during this process that I decided to start researching Granola recipes. That gorgeous oaty, mapley smell that had hit my nostrils at Treebones was in my head along with producing something that would taste good without any added preservatives. Obviously there were a few disastrous attempts before I got the ratios and ingredients right but my recipes soon took shape.

My main aim was to produce a breakfast that could be eaten in lots of different ways but would always give you a steady energy release through the morning – so no need to snack before lunch. Using oats, nuts and seeds my Granola does exactly that. It’s such an easy breakfast – gorgeous with milk or yoghurt (dairy or non- dairy) or if you’re feeling more adventurous it’s perfect as a topping on one of my Smoothie Bowl recipes.

If reading any of this hits a nerve and you think that maybe your breakfasts could also do with a little bit of a make-over please give one of my 4 Granola flavours a go. I’m currently working on a couple of new flavours too so please look out for updates on this. In the meantime get out your favourite breakfast bowl, pour in some Breakfast&ME granola and rediscover breakfast!

Pecan and Maple

A Gorgeous combination of pecan, maple, cinnamon and pumpkin seeds. If you like lots of crunchy clusters in your granola this is the one for you!

Honey and Almond

Crunchy oats, almonds, raisins and pumpkin seeds coated in honey and cinnamon. A bowlful of comfort in the morning!


The rich, smooth vanilla flavours of this granola combined with the maple syrup makes this the perfect accompaniment to pretty much anything you fancy in your breakfast bowl!

Cacao and Vanilla

Imagine chocolate and vanilla in cereal form! This crunchy granola tastes too much like a treat to be a breakfast cereal.

Banana & Pecan

Why not try my new banana & pecan flavour! Guaranteed to give you that extra boost in the morning!