I just tried your granola- couldn’t wait for breakfast! I love the bags with the window showing the product.
Then I tasted it! It tastes delicious with just the right balance of maple sweetness against the yummy pecans and seeds. The texture was just enough crunch. It is a yummy product . (Maple and Pecan)

Loved it! Liked the chunky bits to eat neat as well as with Greek yoghurt. (Maple and Pecan)

Just had my second helping of Honey and Almond. Tastes great …much nicer than standard granola.

Well in my new role as food taster/critic I have to say your maple and pecan granola was absolutely lovely. The taste, smell, the crunchiness and overall scrumminess was definitely 10/10 and I am being very honest. It was lush. I had it with Greek yogurt and I am really full (Maple and Pecan)

Well firstly Ruth it looks absolutely delicious, love the large pecans and there are more pumpkin seeds than I expected but it gives it a lovely colour – so appearance is luxury brand! ( Maple and Pecan)

Ate the new batch over 2 days-sorry I’m a piglet! Pumpkin seeds perfect and significantly better than ‘shop bought’ – better roasty flavour . (Honey and Almond)

Loved my breakfast thank you. Perfect texture.

It was absolutely delicious….It’s lovely that every mouthful I taste different flavours some are richer in nutty flavours and the next honey/maple. I love that there are so many pecans and the texture is absolutely perfect. It’s going to see me through this morning’s coffee break which is a feat in itself as I’m normally grazing by now!! (Maple and Pecan)

The clumpage and consistency and texture is perfect. The maple flavour sang and the aftertaste was maple which was lovely. (Maple and Pecan)

Smells and looks fab….the aroma of maple was perfect…beautiful colour (Maple and Pecan)

I like the way the almonds have combined with the rest of the granola, there’s a lovely amount of oat, nut, seeds and raisins. ‘Just right’ as Goldilocks would say!! (Almond and Honey)