I have a pretty clear vision of the direction that I want my little business Breakfast&ME to take. However that vision doesn’t always allow for the limitations of running a business whilst managing CFS/ME. Pretty much every aspect of my life involves pacing and listening to my body and that also has to include running Breakfast&ME. This week I had a really good offer to have a stall at a 3 day festival. Ultimately this is what I would love to do and I was so tempted to say yes. But that wouldn’t have been pacing in any shape or form and I know that it would’ve been way beyond my current capabilities. However saying no doesn’t mean that I’m turning away from my vision. I just need to get there slowly and at my own pace. This can be incredibly frustrating especially when I have to turn down opportunities that could help the business to grow and be more visible. It’s hard to not let my Achiever get the better of me when I speak to other small producers and hear how they’re growing their businesses but I’ve learnt that the hare and the tortoise scenario really does apply! So this weekend I’m going to try being on the Cowbridge Food Collective  stall at the Cowbridge Food and Drink Festival for an hour and if that goes ok I’m going to hopefully try a couple of Farmers market this summer. It may take a while to get to where I want to go but at least when I do the foundations will be strong and will be based not only on my vision but also on my capabilities.